In March of 2019, Kristine Wanmer launched Balance Point Golf and Body Peak Performance, LLC focusing her time into enhancing body performance for golfers of all ages and experience.  As a certified TPI expert she is dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing.

Welcome to Balance Point

Golfers often seek to improve their game by buying new equipment, playing more golf, or taking lessons.  Although these are some possible solutions, there are many times our golf game is not a reflection of our skill as a golfer or the equipment we use.  It is actually a reflection of our body’s physical limitations.

How can someone expect to drive a ball further or have a consistent swing when his or her body lacks the proper foundation to swing the club and play the game?  To prevent injury, improve performance, and be able to understand your own physical limitations, I would like to welcome you to Balance Point Golf and Body Performance!

Balance Point

Just as the balance point in a golf shaft is important , so is the balance in our body.  At Balance Point Performance  a 16 point screening is performed to create a specific exercise program for each individual.  No golfer is the same!  After the initial one hour evaluation, a progressive 3 to 6 week program is created to address the goals set.

With a specific fitness program addressing muscle strength, endurance, and training, improved body swing connection will help you reach your peak potential this golf season.